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Otani Nieuwenhuize at POST

Japanese photographer Shinji Otani and Dutch photographer Johan Nieuwenhuize recognise a similar state of mind in each other’s work. They share a large overlap in…

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Kathi Seemann – Valencia Anuncios

The book Valencia Anuncios was published in 2016 by Kathi Seemann in a small edition of 60. It shows street views of the city of Valencia in…

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Ksenia Galiaeva – oddly shaped rock

Oddly shaped rock is a book made by Ksenia Galiaeva during a residency at MMCA Changdong in Seoul.

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Johanna Viprey – The Artist As A Cabdriver

The Artist As A Cabdriver is published in conjunction with Die Young or Stay Pretty, a research project in progress developed by the artist Johanna…

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Oskar Dawicki – I’m Sorry

The publication is the first comprehensive review of Oskar Dawicki’s oeuvre. Trained as a painter, it was his practice as a performer and as…