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Karla Black

Karla Black’s sculptures play with a sensibility or rather a lusciousness that recalls outdoor scenes in Impressionist painting. A delicate play with light and shadow,…



The eight invited artists, coming from different cultural and geographical contexts, occupy the gallery spaces with paintings and installations, inviting the spectators to leave…


The Age of Consequences – mounir fatmi

Always a witness to the complex socio-cultural fabric of contemporary life, fatmi stands out thanks to his stylistic approach capable of relating to highly topical…


At the Limits of Visibility – Francesco De Prezzo

At the Limits of Visibility are Francesco De Prezzo’s painted canvases, painted with care and then either obliterated or covered with nearly transparent veils. Some…


Noises from the closet

The Flat presents a group show featuring international emerging and established artists.


Yves Scherer – By Your Side

Yves Scherer’s multifarious language explores the notion of identity, tiptoeing across the porous line between fiction and real life and defying the binaries of…


Nazgol Ansarinia

Born and raised in Tehran (1979), Nazgol Ansarinia examines the systems and networks that underpin her daily life. In her work, she dissects, interrogates and…


Alejandro Cesarco

In the past two decades Alejandro Cesarco has been making art as well as publishing books and curating exhibitions. Using film, photography and text, Cesarco’s…


Driant Zeneli

How do we push the boundaries of our limitations without becoming superheroes? Can the realm of the possible be balanced with the one of the…


Giuseppe Gabellone

Through his practice, which combines several mediums, Gabellone created the basis for his synthesis of the surreal, the classical and the baroque. His…


Marzia Migliora

Marzia Migliora is an artist who uses a broad spectrum of media, including photography, video, sound, performance, installation, and drawing, to create works that elevate…


Lisa Dalfino & Sacha Kanah

The work of Lisa Dalfino and Sacha Kanah explores the expressive and cognitive limits of language through the sculptural genesis of unpublished natures.

The Space


Tique | art paper asks eight questions to an international art institution, gallery, off-space or any other imaginable type of art organization that exhibits, promotes…