Artist talk Kris Burm with Johan Pas

Kris Brum and Johan Pas engage in a conversation about abstraction, strategic games and the conceptual legacies of some of the great players of the twentieth century – including Marcel Duchamp, Robert Filliou and Francis Picabia. Ludic abstraction also has a history in Antwerp and the region, with G58 – Hessenhuis and Zero. To what extent can a practice like Burm’s, on the threshold of abstraction and games, harness the power of the one and the unpredictability of the other?

Kris Burm is an artist and board game designer. He is the author of a number of influential games, most notably of the award-winning GIPF Project: http://www.krisburm.be/
Johan Pas is a writer, art historian and teacher. From 1 October 2017 he will assume the directorship of the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp.

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