Tique Salon #15

12-09-2018 | 19.30 hrs
During Tique Salon #15, we invited several colleagues running vivid initiatives within the field of independent publishing to share insights... Read more

Tique Salon #11

08-11-2017 19.30 hrs
At Tique Salon #11 artist Ksenia Galiaeva will present her new publication ‘NOLEMON NOMELON’ and graphic designer Reg Herygers... Read more

Tique Salon #9: Kim Gorus

27-09-2017 | 19.30 hrs
Kim Gorus (b. 1982, Brussels) is artistic and financial director of KultuurKaffee, a multidisciplinary arts centre at the heart... Read more

Tique Salon #1

Tique Salon is a new monthly evening event dedicated to art publications, with lectures, discussions and presentations by makers,... Read more