Babs Decruyenaere

Would I be able to breathe without you

04-10-2018 | 27-10-2018

Visual artist Babs Decruyenaere creates a personal universe with whatever natural elements she finds outdoors. Pebbles, leaves, sea shells, … she collects the natural gems she comes across by incidence, on long walks along the beaches of Zeeland, Picardy or Lanzarote. Not to expose them merely as decorations, but to put them into well-considered compositions, by visual association. Decruyenaere hardly ever takes her camera outdoors, the selection, storage and...


Tique Salon #15

12-09-2018 | 19.30 hrs
During Tique Salon #15, we invited several colleagues running vivid initiatives within the field of independent publishing to share insights... Read more