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The Bliss of Conformity
Yingguang Guo

Inspired by the artist’s personal experience and concerning the female age anxiety caused by “leftover women” phenomenon in China at large, Yingguang Guo went to the matchmaking corner in Shanghai People’s Park to perform as her own matchmaker.

Publication The Bliss of Conformity
Artists Yingguang Guo
Texts Yingguang Guo
Graphic design 1 and 1/2 Studio
Publisher La Maison de Z
Dimensions 28.7 x 20.5 x 1.4 cm
Available here

The Bliss of Conformity renders the daily scenes of the corner along with details-revealing personal ads and abstract images created by photo-etching. Guo attempts to provoke the conformity of blind date and arranged marriage in modern China today.

Her practice also seeks to reify people’s inner feelings under irrelationships by setting the mise-en-scene with a red thread going through paper folded and unfolded intentionally.

The book includes three “pockets” from where you can pull out a booklet with screenshots of the artist’s performance video.

The Bliss of Conformity by Yingguang Guo

Limited edition of 800 copies, 47€
Photographs in black&white and colors,
Velvet cover

La Maison de Z is a photobook platform focusing on Chinese contemporary photography and independent publications. Using publishing as a way of research which explore the intricate relationship between realities and memories, La Maison de Z was founded in 2015 and started to publish their own editions in 2018. The platform allows a growing audience discovery of the most recent works of emerging and established Chinese artists.

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