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Feminist Findings
The L.i.P. Collective

Feminist Findings is the collective research of twenty-six womxn and non-binary people on histories of feminist publishing. The L.i.P. Collective—short for “Liberation in Print”—formed during the recent lock-down period. Across four continents and many time zones, its members came together via their computers to dig through digital archives, searching for the missing histories of feminist journals, magazines, zines, newspapers, and newsletters.

Publication Feminist Findings
Artists The L.i.P. Collective
Publisher Futuress

The zine itself presents articles and essays on the labour, loves, networks, hierarchies, friendships, fall-outs, struggles, victories, economics, designs, and daily lives of womxn in the past working out what it might mean to organize a feminist praxis. Especially from the late 1960s onwards, publishing became a crucial means for womxn to build community and inspire social change. Feminist Findings chronicles these means and methods, seeking to garner what we can learn today from the movements that came before us.

These collected stories are the results of a workshop initiated by le Signe, the National Center for Graphics in Chaumont, France in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and led by Corin Gisel and Nina Paim of the design research practice common-interest, and journalist Madeleine Morley. Feminist Finding’s authors met remotely every Wednesday during the early months of social distancing to share and discuss individual research findings; quickly, the global group of multidisciplinary strangers—which included artists, graphic designers, writers, educators, type designers, publishers, social anthropologists, students, and more—became a tightly-knit research unit. In recent years, through the efforts of many archivist-activists, more and more feminist periodicals are digitized and available online; with libraries and universities shut, the L.i.P. Collective sought to resurface the unknown histories embedded in these online archives, and make them known to a wider readership.

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Feminist Findings presents the L.i.P. Collective’s research for the first time, taking the form of a zine and exhibition held at Berlin’s A—Z gallery (30 July—24 Sept., 2020).

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