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Stefan Constantinescu
Stefan Constantinescu

The Golden Age for Children is an interactive pop-up book, complete with pull tabs and 3D archival photos jumping out from every page, featuring Stefan Constantinescu’s biography intertwined with highlights from the grand narrative of Romania’s past, and pays specific attention to the period of Ceausescu’s regime – known as The Golden Age.

Publication Stefan Constantinescu
Artists Stefan Constantinescu
Publisher Self-published

The book creates a story which covers 20 years of Romanian contemporary history, beginning in 1968 (the year Stefan Constantinescu was born) and ends with the Revolution in 1989. For the reader of this children’s book an uncanny quality emerges in the tension between the naïvety of the form and the dark surrealism of its content. Constantinescu created the work in order to recount his experience – living under the regime of Ceausescu – to his daughter. In the process he encounters the challenge of telling the story and of passing on history to younger generations as he weaves text and photos from his own life with briefly stated historical facts in textbook form.

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