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Oskar Dawicki – I’m Sorry

The publication is the first comprehensive review of Oskar Dawicki’s oeuvre. Trained as a painter, it was his practice as a performer and as a post-conceptualist with a singularly fatalistic slant that brought him into the public realm.

Publication I'm Sorry
Artist(s) Oskar Dawicki
Publisher Nero

In a range of his works, in which the artist literally feels sorry and miserable for not being able to get through to the viewers in many different ways, Dawicki’s unveils the void of art. Self-reflection upon his status as an artist is interwoven with musings on the ethereal and feeble nature of one’s own identity. Humiliation, discomfort, confusion, complication – these ideas make up the foundation of his artistic imagination. For Dawicki, the fruitfulness of art is its most promising aspect.

In recent years, Dawicki’s craft and, indeed, very person have been recreated within other genres, namely as the protagonist in the biographical novel Half Empty (2010), written by Łukasz Gor­czyca and Łukasz Ron­duda, and the starring role in the feature filmPerformer (2015), directed by Łukasz Ron­duda and Maciej Sobieszczański.

Alongside photographic documentation of his works and performances, the full-color album presents behind-the-scenes images from the set of the filmPerformer. The introduction, written by the Performer himself, endows the album with the spirit of an art book, as Dawicki stages yet another unexpected performance – this time in prose.

ISBN: 978-83-938244-1-0
Format: 22,5 x 30 cm
Pages: 172
Languages: Eng./Pol.
Edition of 500 copies
Year: 2016

The book is available here.

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