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Wow Taobao
Matjaz Tancic, Ruben Lundgren

Wow Taobao, comes from the exaggerated, witty and humorous product photos collected on Taobao by photographers and Taobao addicts Matjaz Tancic and Ruben Lundgren, who have lived in China for many years.

Publication Wow Taobao
Artists Matjaz Tancic, Ruben Lundgren
Publisher Jiazazhi

Taobao, one of the top 10 most visited websites in the world, is a consumer-to-consumer platform owned by Alibaba Group throughout China and the Chinese-speaking world. The wide variety of sellers and inexpensive product photography make it a haven for people who enjoy “practical photography”.

The sticker book combines the best finds collected by the two photographers over the years with sections like “eye-catching, edible?”, “drag show, melt-into-one, surprise?” and 11 other themes highlight many artistically fascinating, creative, and surprising products that have been shot in a witty way.

The book comes with 25 stickers, but you’ll need to gather 111 stickers to fill the entire album, so you can also buy the stickers separately and collect them all! Have fun together in this sticker album!

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