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Marte Aas

Cinéma is a booklet made to accompany the black and white 16mm film Cinéma from 2010. Featuring the dancer Rukmini Chatterjee, the film explores the politics of representation via key elements such as gaze and gestures.

Publication Cinéma
Artists Marte Aas
Publisher Multipress

Through her dance with the camera, Chatterjee actively refuses to become an object of orientalism and fetishization. She returns the spectator´s glare in a forceful and confrontational manner at the same time as she communicates by the use of distinct gestures related to the ancient Indian dance Bharatanatyam.

An act of negotiation emerges between the dancer and the viewer by the scenic means of the film. The film thus investigates regimes of visibility, otherness and objectification.

The work takes its formal starting point from silent movies and experimental film from the early 20th century which, in the same way as in Bharatanatyam, is using expressive mimic and body language to visualize emotions and meanings.

The booklet is constructed as a play with the scenic elements, the filmic space and narrative of the film, as well as contextualizing the film through texts by art critic and editor Jennifer Higgie and art historian Marit Paasche.

Cinéma by Marte Aas
Booklet, 44 pages
20 x 27,5 cm
Multipress, 2011
Design by Marte Aas
Typography by Ulf Verner Carlsson
Language: English
ISBN: 978-82-92224-10-6
Available through the Multipress website

Marte Aas is a photographer and film maker based in Oslo, Norway. Aas has published several books and catalogues including Marte Aas – Photography and Film, Torshovtoppen, and On the Subject of Body and Space. She is one of the founding members of the independent publishing house Multipress, which is a non-profit publisher for artist´s books and publications with an emphasis on photography. It is run as a platform for artists that have an interest in using publications as an arena for doing artwork. All of the book projects are a result of a collaborative effort, thoroughly working out all the elements specific to each project.

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