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Tras las huellas de Corín
Marta Soul

Marta Soul presents her latest series entitled Tras las huellas de Corín (in the footprints of Corin) around the work of the Spanish writer Corín Tellado. Corín Tellado was a writer specialized in the romantic genre, also known in Spain as ‘pink novel’. She published over 4000 novels, sold more than 400 million books, some of them translated from Spanish into other languages.

Publication Tras las huellas de Corín
Artists Marta Soul
Publisher Self published

Even though these figures of sales might sound astonishing, and she could be one of the most important writers of the 20th century, the reality is that very little of her literary production is known to an elite of educated readers, largely uninterested in this female-oriented genre.

The book has been conceived as a set of five booklets that can be unfolded into a poster. This idea is inspired by the type of collectables and popular short novels that the writer usually published.

The images presented show, through different collages, a visual interaction between the artist and the writer and all of them are generated from Corin Tellado’s novels. The concept of the myth of romantic love is explored, bringing it to a contemporary social context.
Also, Tras las huellas de Corín contributes to raising questions about the transformation of classic values such as love, and the consequent uncertainty produced in contemporary life.

The photo-book also includes some paragraphs from the original novels in Spanish,
like this example (translated here):
“I couldn’t bear the humiliation. I had to make something. Her face adopted a serene    expression, her mouth smiled. It is true that inside her everything was bleeding; but.. her dignity as a woman was worth more than anything else; the future of her brothers. Gustav would finally understand, she would make him understand.
What is said about me, Irma?
The reply came out sharp, cutting, cold, threatening:
That you have a lover.“

Tras las huellas de Corín by Marta Soul
set of 5 booklets
15.9 x 12 cm (folded)
Self published, 2020
Design by Jaime Narváez
Printed by Pulseprint
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-09-22314-5

Available through: DALPINE or LA FÁBRICA

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