Printed Matter

Silent Histories
Kazuma Obara

Silent Histories depict the lives of children who were injured and became disabled as a result of the U.S aerial bombing of Japan during World War Two.

Publication Silent Histories
Artists Kazuma Obara
Publisher Editorial RM

It has been said that the indiscriminate bombing by U.S. forces during the Pacific War killed 330,000 and left 430,000 Japanese citizens injured. Japan’s economic recovery in the wake of wartime devastation was referred to as “The Japanese economic miracle”. In contrast, children with incurable wounds of war were forced to live a harsh life. They have lived in the shadows, trying to hide their scars and avoid causing trouble by being invisible, trying hard to cover their pain.

The book gives voice to their histories which have been kept silent for 70 years. The project consists of 7 victims’ stories including their current portraits, found photos, and propaganda magazines which were published by the Japanese government during the war period. The book was initially made 45 small edition with his hands in 2014 and published new edition from Editorial RM in 2015. The book was shortlisted for Paris Photo Aperture First Photobook Award 2014 and selected TIME, Telegraph, Lens Culture Best Photobooks 2014 among others.

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