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Valencia Anuncios
Kathi Seemann

The book Valencia Anuncios was published in 2016 by Kathi Seemann in a small edition of 60. It shows street views of the city of Valencia in photographs and text-fragments from offers and requests, people post on the streetlamps and traffic lights.

Publication Valencia Anuncios
Artists Kathi Seemann
Publisher Self-published

Buscas trabajo?
Necesitas ayuda?
Puedo ayudarte!
Económico 6222427
Rooms for students
to share
Hey students, we are
looking for 2 Girls
or Boys to share
wonderfull flat with
other cool students
wonderfull flat
other cool students
Se realizan
fiesta Erasmus
todos los
call 63 10 10

Vacío pisos:
se compran libros,
discos de vinilo,
muñecas, juguetes,
álbum de fútbol, etc.
Preguntar por Juan
671 232 286
71 232 286
71 232 286
671 232 286
671 232 286
de fútbol, etc.
Económico 6222427
Preguntar por
671 232 286

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