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In Today’s News: Alpha Males and Women Power
Kaamna Patel

In Today’s News: Alpha Males and Women Power is a limited edition photobook by Kaamna Patel wherein she appropriates images from print media in India to comment on prevalent patriarchies and predetermined gender roles as they are presented in news and advertising images.

Publication In Today’s News: Alpha Males and Women Power
Artists Kaamna Patel
Publisher Editions JOJO

Within the context of semiotic theories and in response to the socio-political environment in India, In Today’s News: Alpha Males and Women Power is the artist’s interpretation of signs to reveal the dominant ideology of a people at a moment in their history, while leaving room for the reader to uncover their own biases that may be informed, consciously or subconsciously, by this ideological structure.

Handmade and stitched by the artist in a limited edition of 300 copies, In Today’s News: Alpha Males & Women Power has been offset printed on uncoated paper in Mumbai, India. The dimensions of the book are 5” x 8”, it is 46 pages thick, with an open spine and hard cover.

JOJO is the publishing alias of visual artist Kaamna Patel. Titles published under JOJO are dedicated to process, new perspectives, and experimentation with images and the book object. The name comes from a childhood nickname given by Kaamna’s father, derived from Flo-jo, the fastest woman in the world who broke the record in 1988.

For purchases: Please write to or visit Instagram to purchase online.

Available in bookstores at the following locations:
India: Trilogy Library, Mumbai / CMYK Bookshop, Coromandel Cafe, Pondicherry
Paris: Le Plac’Art photo / La Nouvelle Chambre Claire / Librarie Yvon Lambert
Brussels: Tipi Bookshop
London: The Photographer’s Gallery Bookshop
Seoul: Irasun bookshop / Piece bookshop
Taipei: Moom bookshop
Bangkok: Vacilando bookshop
Indonesia: Unobtainium bookstore
Japan: Seikosha books Kyoto
New York: Printed Matter Inc.

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