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The Wind 1-4, 2018
Jörg Baier

The Wind is spread out on a display table. The images are oriented in different directions. At first glance, no system is recognizable; at least it is a non-linear sequence of images (unlike the classic Leporello). As you walk around the table, the perspectives on the black and white images change, some become visible, some are covered by others and disappear from view, other viewing axes reveal different connections between the images. The storage boxes stand and lie there, the texts used evoke the title of the work.

Publication The Wind 1-4, 2018
Artists Jörg Baier
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Another, more active approach is conceivable: the viewer takes the folded book in his hand and opens the box. Opening and turning the individual pages is long-winded; the pages are opened and closed in different directions.

The Wind is comparable to a board game, the rules are fixed, but they only form the starting point for a variety of events:

On view is a Ballet Mécanique made from cropped photocopies, Objets Trouvés from the kitchen, the studio and the street, photos, images from art catalogs, postcards and much more. Individual image elements recur in all four Leporello and form the compositional structure of the images. They wander, differently composed, from one image to another. Constantly present are the round, cropped blank copies (backgrounds of photographed museum objects) or the cropped frame strips with their decorations; a recurring detail is also the craquelure of a damaged canvas or a misshapen pile of plaster.

The versatile ability to set up the Leporello takes up the repetitive activities of photocopies and found objects. A choreography of dead objects that awaken to a second life is performed. A private archeology emerges that transfers worthless finds and museum treasures into its own canon. It is Jörg Baier’s archive, a constantly growing collection that, like the work in the studio, is always in motion.

The scraps of text inserted into the images on the inside of the boxes are edited text fragments from Jörg Baier’s readings of Wislawa Szymborska and William Butler Yeats. These texts accompanied the making in the studio.

The wind in the lines is added to a picture in the box, on the other lid of the box you can read “and the rain like never before, it fell in different drops”. The wind and the rain and the raindrops and the other atmospheric weather events evoked stand in a tension that cannot necessarily be resolved with the lifeless, perhaps just brought to life, finds on the black surface of the scanner. The wind can also blow into the photocopies and swirl them around, the rain can soaking the paper, etc.

Decline, revival, the second, phantom-like life of the forms is celebrated in this work and brought into a never-ending sequence of forms.

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