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Iñaki Bonillas

This publication gathers texts and images of Secrets (2016), a project by Iñaki Bonillas for Luis Barragán House, and was thought of as an intervention to the negative spaces of what used to be the home of this famous architect.

Publication secretos
Artists Iñaki Bonillas
Publisher Iñaki Bonillas

In this way, the artist committed himself to work only inside those places that are not visible when the visitor goes through the rooms, chambers and corridors of the building: all that is left behind doors, inside drawers and closets.

The starting point of this exercise arose from finding that, due to its distilled nature, Barragán’s architecture presents itself free from everything produced by daily life: accumulation of objects, papers, useless things-in a word, disorder.

Iñaki Bonillas
secretos, 2019
limited edition of 500 numbered copies

With texts by Luis Felipe Fabre, Álvaro Enrigue, Mónica de la Torre, Tom McDonough, Manuel Ciaruqui, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba. Visual contribution by Olmo Cuña.

copies in English and Spanish language available

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