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L’ombre d'un doute / Shadow of a doubt
Hugo Janin

Shadow of a doubt is presented as a travel diary, which the narrator has lost just before sending it to a friend. It is then up to the reader who finds it to travel through it.

Publication L’ombre d'un doute / Shadow of a doubt
Artists Hugo Janin
Publisher Self published

The edition shows a body of photographs taken between 2018 and 2020 in Brussels and its outlying suburbs, as well as during walks and cycle rides in the French, Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg countryside. A dozen quotations accompany these photographs. They come from novels, essays or scientific writings and put in tension the subjects of the images.

This book, like the rest of Hugo Janin’s work, is motivated by the conviction that a catastrophe has long since begun. The innumerable statistics that are supposed to alert us are incapable of addressing our emotions, for that we need stories. This is why, on the fringes of morality and reason, pushed by the ambient uncertainty, the author follows his intuition. He learns the language of doubt, to read the omens of the past, and to remember the future.

Hugo Janin
L’ombre d’un doute / Shadow of a doubt
100 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm.
50 copies, September 2020.

Sold at: Peinture Fraiche (Brussels), Tipi Bookshop (Brussels), Disparate (Bordeaux), Ascenseur végétal (Bordeaux), Bal des ardents (Lyon), Bulk Artbook (webstore).

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