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WOMEN. Image collection (I), (2012/2019)
Heidemarie von Wedel

What do these pictures do to me? What do these pictures do to us? Media images have a perversive impact. Representational models, unconscious resonance or indifference, picture experience and world experience complement each other as a recurring mirror of a performative interaction WOMEN. Image collection (I) balances on various levels between showing and hiding, gaze and gesture, between affirmation and rejection.

Publication WOMEN. Image collection (I), (2012/2019)
Artists Heidemarie von Wedel
Publisher UND EINS_

WOMEN. Image collection (I), presents samples of a personal image collection. These are shown as reproductions of original ring folder pages, some are numbered or marked. The volume comprises about 400 cut-out fragments from journals, magazines, films or art historical illustrations.

It might remind us of Aby Warburgs famous Mnemosyne Bilderatlas and indeed the book evokes a kind of visual research. However you will not find any obvious order. You may discover striking relationships and coherences from page to page. The collection developed discontinuously over a long period of almost 30 years, still being expanded. The images are selected on an intuitive attraction not considering later use or categorization.

In terms of time and context the visuals cover a broad spectrum and heterogeneity. Through the arrangement and juxtaposition in double pages, the work becomes an iconic visual atlas.

WOMEN. Image collection (I) (2012/2019)
Format 180 x 230 mm, 192 pages, book block with adhesive binding
in a slipcase made of grey cardboard
Fine Art digital Print, Edition 10, Special Edition 3
UND EINS_ Stuttgart Germany

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