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Hannah De Meyer — new skin/levitations

Hannah De Meyer — new skin/Levitations

The publications new skin/levitations and FUNGI find common ground in the way they connect human and non-human actors and try to rebuild sensorial relationships and narratives. This week we introduce you to new skin/levitations. Hannah De Meyer combines two performance-scripts in a reversible book, designed in collaboration with Chloe Dhauwe and Ine Meganck. They sought to translate choreographic live-tools like movement, sound, voice and light into design and typography.

Publication new skin / Levitations
Artist(s) Hannah De Meyer
Publisher Self-published with the support of Toneelhuis

The text of new skin is grafted onto theoretical works of a.o. Ursula Le Guin, Anna Tsing and Donna Harraway. The publication makes this hybrid network of companion authors visible. The publication contains an additional photo-essay by artist Dries Segers. The many voices in Levitations are not shown as characters in a theatre play, but as different tones in a musical score.

new skin (2018) and Levitations (2017) are two solo-performances by and with Hannah De Meyer. Her work includes performances, publications and happenings, in which sci-fi imagination, ecology, archaeology and mutating bodies take a central role. Levitations is an enchanting trip along the peaks and valleys of De Meyer’s imagination. new skin is a hypnotic descent into the earth in which dead bodies and forgotten critters are shaken back to life.

Video produced by Hannah De Meyer & Dries Segers

Hannah De Meyer
new skin / Levitations, 2019
112 pages, 12x17cm
design and concept Chloé Dhauwe & Ine Meganck
photo essay Dries Segers
Self-published with the support of Toneelhuis
print Graphius, Ghent
ISBN 9789076734330

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