Printed Matter

Alter Ego
Eva Donckers & Sander Adriaens

“We welcome you at Alter Ego Decor where you discover and celebrate your “other you”. Travel with us through all our landscapes and get inspired by our hand and home made curiosities. Open your eyes, mind and heart and follow us in our powerful imagination. We create your expectations.” – Alter Ego Decor


Publication Alter Ego
Artists Eva Donckers & Sander Adriaens
Publisher self-published

Alter Ego Decor is an event decoration company that spoke to the imagination of photographers Eva Donckers and Sander Adriaens. They spent some time at the company depot, building scenes with the estranging objects they found there. The result is an astonishing collection of photographs that confuse our sense of shape and size, a playful game of associations and contradictions. Donckers and Adriaens bundled them in a small edition newspaper.

Donckers and Adriaens are both members of the Ruis collective, a group of Antwerp based artists and photographers that are currently showing work at Tique Art Space. Some of their publications are for sale at the shop.

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