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Dries Segers

The publications new skin/Levitations and FUNGI find common ground in the way they connect with non-human actors and try to build new narratives. Theatremaker Hannah De Meyer wrote two scripts which were carefully put in her publication and find ways of designing spoken and written language, movement and research. This reversible book has an additional photo-essay by artist Dries Segers. The publication FUNGI by Segers is designed by the same graphic designers Chloé Dhauwe & Ine Meganck. These two books are in relation to each other by their design, narratives, the artists’ practices and interests. This week we introduce you to FUNGI.

Publication FUNGI
Artists Dries Segers
Publisher self-published

FUNGI is an art fair installation by the artist Dries Segers. The installation is accompanied by a text of Hannah De Meyer and a posterbook-like publication of the same title.

Dries Segers photographed all tangible fungi organisms in Dudenparc, Brussels. Fungi are the oldest living species on our planet. They build and spread their communities across human borders, continents, laws … They take over land without asking permission. They clean up toxic messes in disturbed landscapes and shake the land back to life to create livable grounds for animals, plants and maybe humans. They have the power to transport energy between weaker and stronger trees, to keep forests alive or to kill them. Their spores are invisible and spread and spread and spread.

The uncontrolled lives of mushrooms are a gift — and a guide — when the controlled world we thought we had fails.” — Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

Video produced by Dries Segers

Dries Segers
FUNGI, 2019
36 pages, 28×42 cm
design: Chloé D’hauwe & Ine Meganck
text: Hannah De Meyer
print: Stockmans, Duffel
ISBN 9789463883092

This publication is available through, Copyright Bookshop, DMW Gallery 
The collectors’ edition of FUNGI is accompanied by a print.

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