Printed Matter

Stoel & Dans
Dennis Muñoz Espadiña

This work is a visual study into motion and idleness; carefully juxtaposed in such a way that a hidden image, or series of images, is created within the viewer’s mind’s eye.

Publication Stoel & Dans
Artists Dennis Muñoz Espadiña
Publisher Hocus Bogus Publishing
Dimensions 315 x 445 mm
Pages 16 pages
Available here

Stoel en Dans is a large format RISO printed picture book printed by visual artist and publisher Dennis Muñoz Espadiña in an edition of 30 copies. Literally meaning chair and dans, the title refers to the party game Musical Chairs.

The materials were gathered by scouring old and new magazines such as DOMUS and Schöner Wohnen; art and furniture catalogs and photography monographs.

Focussing predominantly on the human body, the images show contortion in various degrees of expression. How limbs and ligaments twist, warp and find a short lived refuge into a static posture. The images also provide a subtext into how painters, sculptors, carpenters and photographers find different ways to stage luscious tableaus in which these bodies are used as a mere prop.

The publication’s size was inspired by the first offset printed art books in which paintings were for the first time reproduced in full color. Thus making it possible for artworks to be transported to the private homes of art lovers, and stored either in (presumably) oversized bookcases or being stacked on luxurious coffee tables.

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