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Journal de marche
Denis Deprez

In geology, the term “onlap” expresses the fact that two layers, following a seismic movement, are placed in discordance; there is a sliding and a displacement that create a discontinuity. This notion somewhat guided the construction of the book.

Publication Journal de marche
Artists Denis Deprez
Publisher alt editions
Dimensions 220 x 297 mm
Pages 492 pages
Binding Swiss bound paperback
ISBN 97829601438-5-0
Available here

The first part comprises an inventory of hikes in the Massif du Dévoluy between 2017 and 2023. The second part consists of an amalgamation of excerpts from various sources: geological theses, real estate announcements, architecture, ecology, sociology, vernacular history, airplane accidents, etc. Within this second part, there are also archives, geological diagrams, hydrological maps, equations that offer another way to outline the contours of the Massif du Dévoluy.

Drifting through these text excerpts, one might feel the same sensation of not being in the right place, of being in a discourse that eludes us, of slipping as if in an altitude scree. The onlap operates between the two parts of the book; there is a discordance.

The graphical layout of the Journal de marche evokes urban planning or architecture books to refer to the idea of a space that is gridded by norms. It emphasizes that the mountain is not a “wild nature” but a subject subject to a set of jurisdictions inscribed in scientific, legislative, or other discourses—ultimately existing in an ecosystem governed by power dynamics. Perhaps it is akin to an exhibition dedicated to the Italian architect group Superstudio and their manifesto on the Continuous Monument—a kind of hegemonic and dystopian spread of the grid in the landscape, which, underground, influenced the reflection on the construction of the book.

Swiss binding / 492 pages / format 220 x 297 mm
First Limited edition of 50 copies
ISBN 97829601438-5-0,  60 euros

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