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Seeing into Stone 
Anika Schwarzlose

This book is a time travel through past and present, above and below ground. Landscapes, impacted and even created by resource extraction are put into context with contemporary industrial mining equipment and historical cast iron utilitarian goods.

Publication Seeing into Stone 
Artists Anika Schwarzlose
Texts Elena Solowjowa, Monika Brakke
Graphic design Felix Salut
Publisher Roma Publications
Dimensions 14 x 21 cm
Pages 136
ISBN 9789464460032
Available here

Seeing into Stone describes a technique applied by experienced stone carvers, when they work on sculptural objects: before they start cutting into a stone they contemplate its surface to anticipate the structure and natural growth beneath it.

This ritual of looking into opaque matter describes a spiritual practice. At the same time it functions as a metaphor for a special kind of tunnel vision, focused on what lies invisible under a surface.

Through the combination of images from very different archives, connections are made that speak about the complex relationships of humans and minerals.

Resource extraction processes are embedded in ecological, political and mythological contexts. Images and texts contribute to a debate on mineral and human coevolution, that redefines the separation between life and non-life.

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