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Tique showcases a selection of remarkable artists’ books and other art publications.

Charlie Engman, MOM, Edition Patrick Frey, 2020

Charlie Engman — MOM

The book’s title reveals the identity of its protagonist: Kathleen McCain Engman has been posing for her son Charlie... Read more
Dries Segers — FUNGI

Dries Segers — FUNGI

The publications new skin/Levitations and FUNGI find common ground in the way they connect with non-human actors and try... Read more

Anne Vagt – Beginners

Beginners is a composition of concrete and abstract drawings, each of which formulates a single thought, though also hints... Read more

Terra Firma Magazine

Terra Firma is a magazine which is developing perspective, objective opinion and an open minded view upon the issues... Read more


Four young Antwerp based artists have drawn inspiration by the operation of second hand shop chain De Kringwinkel during... Read more

KK + TF – Wikiland

Wikiland 2007-07-12 – 00:59:46 is a follow-up of an earlier project bij KK + TF, a Swedish photographers duo. In... Read more