Tique Issues

Tique | publication on contemporary art is a publication about contemporary art that exists both in print and online. The print publication seeks to show and discuss relevant artists, topics and processes in contemporary art. The publication has no fixed form; it is constantly evolving and has no fixed release schedule.

You can find and purchase all printed issues of Tique here.

Tique issues

Issue #3: Six Questions

When talking to artists, there were always certain questions that interested us in particular. We wanted to know about their work, their working methods, their…

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Issue #2: Contemporary Camera

This issue is divided into three sections: Information, Focus and Inspiration. These sections are interspersed with Tique Artist Editions, works made specially for the magazine.…

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Issue #1: Transition

The first printed issue of Tique | art paper consists of the following features:


The City: an introduction to the thriving art scene of…

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