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Wool Publishing

Wool Publishing creates space. It’s a patchwork, which is used as an intermediate between the art field and an artistic practice to address and tackle preset expectations and mindsets. It’s an meeting place where diversity is the norm. It’s a patch for co-creation with fellow artists, both in print and in exhibitions. It’s an independent open structure for gaining access to the field together.
To say it with Virginia Woolf’s words: It’s ’A room of one’s own’. Wool Publishing is an open structure, with a lot of room for new ideas and presentations.

The Host Wool Publishing
Location Various

Projects (a selection)

October 2018
Participation Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair
Founding of Wool Publishing
First booklet The Metamorphosen as a part of the duo exhibition In The Pines with Tramaine de Senna
The first publication (not in the photo) was a booklet of stapled colour photocopies of a series of portraits. The labels with the paintings explained who is depicted, all women from Greek mythology, and the text describes their ordeal as something from the past. ‘Echo, she used to talk’, ‘Io used to be a cow’ and so on.

October 2020
Downtown Borgerhout.
Downtown Borgerhout was a group exhibition with a programme of workshops as well as the founding of the Art Club Borgerhout for local youth to organise their own art space. This all happened in one cultural centre who helped out with logistics. The idea was to pay artists for their skills and give local youth access to art. Downtown Borgerhout was realised together with Yoko Enoki, Oona Vanderleenen, Faryda Moumouh, Kato Six, Koyuki Kazahaya, Chiara Monteverde, Katrin Kamrau, Nyira Hens and the Art Club Borgerhout.

April 2021
Collaborative Artist in Residency with Yoko Enoki and Koyuki Kazahaya in the Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee, Belgium
Publication of the To-no book.
In 2021 Yoko Enoki and Koyuki Kazahaya joined me in making a book about words in different cultures, To-no. ‘To’ means ‘and’ and ‘no’ means ‘from’, it is a collection of texts in both Japanese and English to share artistic concepts between cultures. We were meant to meet in the Frans Masereel centre for print making as a shared residency, but covid meant we had to work online. The book is a riso print, unedited and without a designed layout except for the minimum. We printed (with the help of the Frans Masereel centre) a limited edition. These books are shown in exhibitions.

August 2021
Garden tours on LGBTQI+ and botanics via Morpho vzw and Kunsthal Extra City
Also in 2021 I made a small zine with information about the Gesamthof, a lesbian garden. This is an art project on intersectional thinking in the garden located in Antwerp, Belgium. The Gesamthof zine is a Wool Publishing publication about a garden community where the humans are the visitors. The collaboration is with plants, insects, birds, fungi and many. This ongoing project is asking questions on how artists can be involved in a sensible – with sense and senses – interaction with life on our planet.

In the photos you see from left to right and from top to bottom:

Invitations for In The Pines the duo exhibition with Tramaine de Senna (version with work by Tramaine de Senna) 2018; invitation for Faces the duo exhibition with Yoko Enoki 2018; two Atlas leaves with a map and list of plant species in the Gesamthof 2020; invitation for In The Pines the duo exhibition with Tramaine de Senna (version with work by me) 2018; No Woman Is An Island monotype 2021; Reckoning postcard on forgotten women in art 2019; Gesamthof, A Lesbian Garden is a booklet with the subtitles of the short film of the same name made in collaboration with Anne Reijniers 2022; This Is Not A Question monotype and photocopy is a series of cards celebrating the 50th anniversary of “Why Are There No Great Women Artists? ” by Linda Nochlin 2021; Invitation to the weekly programme of the Art Club Borgerhout and the invitation to the accompanying exhibition Downtown Borgerhout with Yoko Enoki, Oona Vanderleenen, Faryda Moumouh, Kato Six, Koyuki Kazahaya, Chiara Monteverde and the Art Club Borgerhout 2020; Gesamthof Zine with information on plants, ecology and people in the lesbian garden 2021; To-no the book featuring texts by Yoko Enoki, Koyuki Kazahaya and me; A Personal View on Kawaii the text by Yoko Enoki accompanying her exhibition at Morpho which is also included in the book To-no.

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