Six questions for
Fabian Herkenhoener

Tique | art paper asks six questions to an artist about their work and inspiration.
This week: Fabian Herkenhoener.

Artist Fabian Herkenhoener
Lives in Amsterdam and Berlin

How do you describe your own art practice?

Reading in patterns and rearranging scraps.
The ongoing attempt to verbalize the essence and constantly failing in that. And sometimes not.

Which question or theme is central in your work?

I think the works should evoke the questions and the answers themselves. Themes are plenty, evolving from my interests, from what I read and write and experience. And then the language finds other routes within the process of formulating. Maybe some kind of makeshift dialogue between me and the outside world is the most central part of the work. I started to overcome some sort of speechlessness.

What was your first experience with art?

The first ‘initiating’ experience with art that I remember was that I hit my head against a lamp pole as a small kid playing outside of a gallery in the late 80ies. I could pretty much absorb myself in play. I ran screaming and bleeding from my forehead into the gallery, leaving a trace of blood behind. There were some minimalist concrete sculptures on display. Back then art was for me incomprehensible, somewhat enigmatic in its aura. I still wear a little scar.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?


What do you need in order to create your work?

Some kind of urgency.

What work or artist has most recently surprised you?

The work of my friend Israel Aten, the music of my friend Julian. The movies of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and some texts by Jean Baudrillard, some by George Bataille.

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