Six questions for
Anne Erhard

Tique asks six questions to an artist about their work and inspiration.
This week: Anne Erhard.

Artist Anne Erhard
Lives in London, UK

How do you describe your own art practice?

My practice hinges on ideas around (family) history, memory and our relationship to the land. At the moment, I’m in the process of making a new body of work about grief.

Which question or theme is central in your work?

The idea that photography expands space beyond the physical, the possibility of creating a fictional place, and the intersection of the personal and the universal.

What was your first experience with art?

I can’t be quite sure, but I remember being fascinated by a framed postcard of “The Blank Signature”, a René Magritte painting of a woman on horseback disappearing between trees, that is still hanging in my parents’ bedroom.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

I take a lot of my impulses from what is immediately around me; people, events, stories and objects. I definitely use my work to make sense of life. In recent years, I’ve been reading more and more poetry and thinking about my way of working with images that way too.

What do you need in order to create your work?

To overcome the self-doubts that are always loudest at the start of something new. Then, a notebook, a road trip, a darkroom and many cups of coffee.

What work or artist has most recently surprised you?

An amazing small statue of Joan of Arc I came across at the very back of Winchester Cathedral. Most of the artworks I’ve seen in person recently have been in churches, so lots of beautiful windows, figures and wood carvings discovered hidden away in dusty corners.

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