Six questions for
Jacobo Alonso

Tique asks six questions to an artist about their work and inspiration.
This week: Jacobo Alonso

Artist Jacobo Alonso
Lives in Michoacán, México

How do you describe your own art practice? 

My practice is a formal exploration / investigation of materials, based on the concept of the body. I make use of materials that conceptually allow me to develop ideas that rethink the idea we have of the body, encompassing media and formats ranging from graphic media to installation.

Which question or theme is central in your work?

The central axis of my production is the body-object. My main interest is the opacity and versatility of the concept of the body and the displacements it has in the different disciplines that study or analyze it.

For instance; in philosophy, for Plato the body was the prison of the soul, for religion; sin. In medicine, the body is the set of all the parts that make up an organism, for the economy; labor force, etc.

What was your first experience with art?

I have two very clear memories that made me question my way of thinking and somehow get to art; While in high school my Spanish teacher would read us random stories on Fridays, trying to stimulate reading in students from different types of literature, for me it was irrelevant, until I listened to Edgar Allan Poe.

On the other hand, when I was at the University, I used to do graffiti and I was interested in painting. I went to see the arts course that was given on weekends thinking that I would do “still life” and horses running in the sea, but my surprise was when I arrived, to see someone with a blowtorch melting an enormous candle on a painting full of stones and clothes, That broke my concept of art.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

I am concerned about the concept and idea of the body, how it has been delimited and displaced through history, materially and immaterially. Interpretations and representations from literature, anthropology, medicine to economics, etc.

What do you need in order to create your work?

My work begins with the development of a concept, and it is research that guides me to explore materials and do formal tests. Normally when I am working “I think with the material” and its characteristics for the construction of the piece, which gives way to new ideas to develop.

What work or artist has most recently surprised you? 

Since I saw the work with the material and the way to push it to the limit, I have always liked the work of Karen Perry and Emma Jatziri. I particularly have an affinity and taste for all of Teresa Margolles’ work.

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