Zilvinas Kempinas

The works by New York based Lithuanian artist Zilvinas Kempinas address the physical and optical experience of the viewer, the passage of time, and the perception of the body and architecture.

All images Courtesy by the artist

Kempinas works in various media such as sculpture, drawing, installation and video; sometimes employing invisible forces – currents of air, inertia, diffusion, gravity or magnetic fields – he constructs visually arresting kinetic objects and architectural installations with visceral effect on viewers. His interest lies in enhancing given qualities of objects and materials to maximum potential of transcending their physical shape into realm of ideas. Experimentation remains at the heart of his practice even working with ink or acrylic on paper, as he uses unconventional drawing tools – a spinning fan, bicycle wheels, a ball chain. In his recognizable kinetic installations with magnetic tape and air currents, Kempinas presents self-balancing sculptures, which perform ‘live’ in front of a viewer, constantly changing shapes in captivating equilibrium. However, his pieces retain strict compositional structure, appearing ephemeral and infinite all at the same time.

Through large installations, which often transform architectural space beyond recognition, Kempinas creates poetic environments where he plays with scale and duality of perception, alluding to a mysterious universe we all belong to.

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