Tom Sandberg

Norwegian photographer, Tom Sandberg (1953-2014) is considered a pioneer within the field of photographic art. A master of light in the photographic tradition, Sandberg worked exclusively within the medium of black-and-white photography and continued throughout his life creating his characteristic analog artworks with its rich grey tones and tonalities in the darkroom.

All images Courtesy by the artist and Nils Straerk

Always on the move with his camera tied to his hand, Sandberg explored the surface and depth ratio in a motif to build both ambiguous and recognizable complex reality.

Retrieving his modest, yet majestic images within the photographic classical genres such as clouds, people on the street, the female nude, airplanes, and landscapes, including more abstract subject matter, Sandberg’s remarkable poetic vision is imbued with a strong sense of presence and mystery. The seemingly divergent subject matter shares a state of being in transit. Together they form an associative narrative – a translucence that travels through meteorological and urban scenes stands as the artist’s undoubted signature. Renowned for his large-scale prints on various media such as aluminum sheets and canvas, and evocative portraits, like the ones of John Cage and Krzysztof Penderecki, Sandberg’s images render an experience of seeing the world anew.

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