Thomas Paturet – Atlas of Places

Atlas of Places is a public educational collection of Academia, Architecture, Cartography, Cinema, Essays, Painting, Photography and Research. Its objective is to question the meaning of places. It is curated according to continuously evolving philosophical, social and cultural beliefs. This is merely an occasional collection. Some works date from 1230, some from the recent past, some from the present. They have this characteristic in common that they are outlooks, in the truest sense of the word. In them will be found little more than the intention of clarifying a few ideas that might really be called political if that fine word, so attractive and exciting to the mind, did not arouse today so many great scruples and great repugnance.

All images Courtesy by Thomas Paturet

Chiaroscuro I

From Rembrandt I’ve learned how little light there is in man. The Rembrandtesque portrait exhausts all its light resources; there is no more light in it. Light itself seems to be the interior refraction of a light that dies somewhere, far away. Rembrandt’s chiaroscuro doesn’t derive from bringing clarity and darkness in close proximity but from the illusion of light and from the infinity of the shadow. From Rembrandt I’ve learned that the world is born out of the shadow…

The Continuous Monument

This work is directly inspired from Superstudio’s “The Continuous Monument” collages done in the 1960s. The Continuous Monument series demonstrate Superstudio’s conviction that by extending a single piece of architecture over the entire world they could reach a “cosmic order on earth.” The white, gridded, monolithic structures span the natural landscape and assert rational order upon it. Superstudio saw this singular unifying act – unlike many modern utopian schemes – as nurturing rather than obliterating the natural world.

Atlas of Places is dedicated to those persons who have no system and belong to no party and are therefore still free to doubt whatever is doubtful and to maintain what is not.

Atlas of Places originated in the Pyrénées-Orientales during the summer of 2015 and is edited by Thomas Paturet.

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