Sol Calero

Sol Calero (b.1982, Caracas) is best known for her site-specific installations of entire Latin-American interiors in which the public is invited, often to enact conventional scenarios.

Text Eline Verstegen

Calero’s staged settings are characteristically places where identity is constructed and negotiated through social dynamic, such as schools, a wellness spa, offices, a hairdresser’s salon, a salsa classroom, or a cyber café. By playing with and hence questioning the existing exoticized stereotypes of Latin-America and by propagating Latin American art history in the way she conceives and decorates these spaces, she convincingly deals with cultural representation and appropriation. Hereby she brings the area’s violent history and the specific places’ concern with superficial aesthetic together with the deep social bonding and true enjoyment of life that takes place there. In connecting the social and political with the formal and aesthetic, she often collaborates with other artists or communities, who help build or present their work in the construed environments. Calero also created the online tv-station conglomerate.tv with artists Dafna Maimon, Derek Howard, and Ethan Hayes-Chute and runs the project space Kinderhook & Caracas in Berlin with her husband and artist Christopher Kline.

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