Sofia Durrieu

Durrieu investigates the conformation and mutation of what is recognized as identity, which is expressed in the body and discourse and in constant interaction with others.

All images Courtesy by the artist and Ruth Benzacar

Her production unfolds in and between sculpture and performance. In both disciplines, a continuum that she conceives as situations, the artist emphasizes the essential presence of the body as a meeting place and a bridge towards the intuitive, the emotional and the spiritual. In her pieces, the functionality of things is constantly revised and put in crisis, giving rise to works of ironic and paroxysmal humor as well as others that inhabit the anguish of loneliness and the alienation that control produces. The artist embodies inert matter by working it as a sentient surface and “sculptures” the body by applying conditions to it. Her sculptural objects are often used as tools in performances, that in addition,  involve the bodies of collaborators or the public, frequently invited to participate.

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