Roman Ondak

Roman Ondak plays with ideas of relocation, representation, and the duplication of experience – shifting and sharpening the viewer’s attention to everyday life.

All images Courtesy of the artist and kurimanzutto, Mexico City / New York

Growing up under the communist regime of former Czechoslovakia, the artist became attentive to systems of inclusion and exclusion that ordered this society. Ondak explores the potential for different orders: new patterns of behavior, and ultimately, alternative social and political possibilities. His work is often quite subtle, infiltrating the spectator’s surroundings in imaginative and quiet ways, suggesting a renegotiation with reality. Adopting an almost anthropological approach, he recombines aspects of the quotidian with his incisive artistic wit, opening up space to challenge the rules of the everyday through his poetic alterations. Ondak’s work is not only curious about the rituals and assumptions that govern our lives: he playfully interrogates the art system as well as society at large, urging us to greater awareness.

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