Rainer Spangl

Rainer Spangl’s series of works are based on figuration but come very close to abstraction through permanent repetition of motifs with small changes.

All images Courtesy the artist and Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna. Photo: Manuel Carreon Lopez

Spangl speaks of a “sober on-off relationship to abstraction” that is already inherent in the process of creating the works. They depict motifs from his private and public environment: views of a face, of plants as well as planes of colour that evoke atmosphere or skin. The rigour of seriality corresponds to the intensive and almost obsessive painting process.

The repeated use of the same subjects reveals the aspect of temporality in Spangl’s work. His recourse to motifs that have already been depicted is always accompanied by a shift in perspective and therefore also in meaning. Spangl’s paintings are not a pure objectification, but an observation of his immediate surroundings characterised by intimacy and intensity.

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