Pinar Yolaçan – Mother Goddess

The work of the Turkish artist, Pinar Yolaçan, is at the crossroads of fashion, photography and sculpture. Her Mother Goddess series presents women entirely swathed in fabric – leather, rubber or denim. Without faces or any visible distinctions between the segments of their bodies, these voluptuous figures not only become cultural objects, but also a form between the still life and the portrait.

The models, all of whom are Turkish women, are here reminiscent of pre-Neolithic sculptures and ancient fertility figures, such as the Venus of Willendorf: archetypes of beauty in their own time.

Because of the absence of facial expression and the strict tension of the fabrics enveloping their bodies, these women, reclined against backdrops of varying solid colors, reveal no personalities, just their exceptional, enveloped forms, with no loss of anonymity.

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