Nilbar Güres

Nilbar Güres explores notions of human power, social gender roles, relationships, identity, and culture in her work. Out of long-term research and cultural observation, Güres creates narratives which are often marked by humour and playful, poetic irony but also with strong social-political undertones.

All images Courtesy the artist and Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna

She utilizes a performative approach, particularly in her photographic and sculptural works, but it is also visible in her collages, drawings, paintings, and videos. Nilbar Güres’ textile collages are combinations of her own intrinsically free-form use of techniques such as drawing, embroidery, appliqué and painting, to depict scenarios rich with associations. For the artist, textiles are not only an inexhaustible source of inspiration but also media that can transcend time and space, creating connections with bygone times and past cultures.

Nilbar Güres uncovers dual social structures and exposes traditional patterns of thought and behaviour in her works. Diverging from a modern Western world view, structured by oppositions – culture/nature, mind/body, self/other – she engages with new possible forms of representation for female, queer and cultural identity. Her artistic practice is based on subtle moments of resistance, whose staging on the fringes of everyday life seem prudently radical.

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