Naoko Ito

My artistic research explores an organic sensibility with the material. I am interested in how social and ecological conditions can reform and introduce new perspectives on aesthetic values.

Text Naoko Ito
All images Courtesy by the artist

My environmental concerns are the various ideas of nature and the people’s relationship with plants, natural phenomena, sustainability, and ecosystems in contemporary cultures.

Nature can share a variety of dialogues: from joy to hardship. Every region worldwide has a distinct environment that influences how people interact with nature and get a different view. For example, I explored the tree as a communicative force across culture, because trees are a significant part of nature. As Le Corbusier said, “Nature is order and law, unity and diversity without end, subtlety, harmony, and strength.”1

1. Le Corbusier, The Modulor (London: Faber and Faber, 1951), p. 25.

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