Manuel Vazquez – Traces of a Lonely Crowd

In a society like ours, full of prying eyes, anyone can become both spectator and actor in the quotidian spectacle. With CCTV cameras scattered in every public space, our presence leaves traces behind, stored as visual codes. In their daily commutes, where self-absorbed pedestrians experience the paradoxes of public space, choreographed crowds transit the nameless global city – between anonymity and scrutinization. Anonymous places, non-places, are where this paradox becomes explicit and evident. It is here where this project was undertaken, with the intention of constructing imaginary urban landscapes that comment on our exposure to city life.

Photography Manuel Vazquez

The Traces project places the spectator in the position of witness to a ‘spectacle’, one built with visual traces, where the mechanization of movement and transport are protagonists in spaces where loneliness and homogeneity are accentuated.

An overabundance of perspectives and points of view makes the distinction between reality and fiction increasingly tenuous, as this project unfolds within that foggy and blurry borderline. The role of author is also the role of painter, photographer or editor.

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