Luciana Lamothe

Luciana Lamothe (Buenos Aires, 1975) is a visual artist who works in sculpture, performance, activation, drawing, photography and video.

All images Courtesy by the artist and Ruth Benzacar

The concept of her work focuses on exploring the dialectical relationships between construction and destruction, as well as between hardness and softness of materials.
Her research focuses on maximizing the possibilities of certain industrial materials conceived as rigid and hard, thus subjecting them to the limits of their resistance to investigate their soft potentiality. Using certain construction procedures, she transforms iron, steel and wood. In this way, she generates structures where the same material can be rigid and hard in some areas and flexible and soft in others. In this way, she highlights the intersection between the industrial and the organic and emphasizes this new hybrid identity of the material.
She also works with the concept of transmateriality from which she supports the idea that all materials are soft to different perceptual degrees.
In her participatory and site-specific sculptures the public can tour and activate the works. In them the bodies of the spectators and the materials are fused in order to generate empathy between them.

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