Liu Jianhua

Liu Jianhua is one of China’s best-known contemporary artists who experiment with comprehensive materials and mixed media. Liu’s porcelain and mixed media works reflect the economic and social changes that have been troubling China in recent years.

All images Courtesy by the artist

His Regular/Fragile series, first shown at the China Pavilion of Venice Biennale in 2003, is composed of porcelain replicas of daily objects whose appearance and symbolic meaning rules over their practical functions. In 2008, he shifted his close attention from problems that emerged from globalization and social changes to “no meaning, no content”. Starting from Untitled (2008), Liu Jianhua developed his distinctive style in contemporary art creation. In his 2022 solo exhibition at Fosun Art Center Shanghai, Liu Jianhua exhibited many of his new works, including The Shape of Trace, Realm of Reflections, Porcelain Tower, Gas, and etc. The focus and elaboration of his works on philosophical cognition derived from daily life, and the reshaping of historical relics showed the transformation of the artist’s creation concept to a broader one in recent years.

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