Leunora Salihu

Leunora Salihu, born in 1977 in Prishtina, Kosovo, from very early on, took up a very individual track which she continues to pursue, often combining in her sculptures different materials including ceramic, wood, and metal.

All images Courtesy by the artist and Galerie Thomas Schulte

“I’m looking for something extraordinary in form and material, paired with the temporal aspects of movement. Condensing such contrasts into a clear image is appealing to me.”

Her sculptures, along with the spatial bodies and installations, explore the possibilities and limits of movements by using the repetition of organic and constructive form-elements. She has established a considerable and multi-layered vocabulary of industrial, architectural, and organic forms, which grant her works a sense of functionality, blurring the lines between where the sculpture ends and where the pedestal begins; between interior and exterior.

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