Ko Sin Tung

Using a myriad of mediums, Ko Sin Tung creates visual dialogues that investigate the distinctive circumstances arise from the ever-changing urban conditions.

All images Courtesy of the artist and Edouard Malingue Gallery

With a focus on elements such as artefacts, construction sites, and the semiotics of our contemporary needs and aspirations, she uses a conceptual and sentimental, yet subtle way of presentation to explore the nature and dilemma of development, to emphasize the deception from false promises, as well as the emotional loss of people in the urban context.

Concerned with the impact of our surroundings, many of Ko Sin Tung’s work involved different scales of spatial experiments – she once confused the audiences by imitating the drywalls to form a temporary state; she transformed a bunker into a cleanroom-like space that challenge our concepts of cleanliness and protection; several neon signs are being hanged in the storefront with the text opposing their own behaviors; a number of fluorescent tubes are dropped by the artist herself, then re-installed on the walls to become the only light source of the exhibition. With these immersive attempts, Ko Sin Tung continues to test, therefore, refreshing our recognition of the spaces we previously encountered.

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