Julia Steiner

Julia Steiner’s works speak directly to the viewers’ sensations and do not provide them with any concrete or recognizable figurative subjects. Established references and codes are only suggested to the inner logic of intuition.

Bild 205
All images Courtesy by the artist

The artist does not want to comment or illustrate, but rather create an experience. Thus, one has to navigate these images without the familiar coordinate system, being continually forced to redefine one’s own position. This fragile equilibrium is omnipresent in Julia Steiner’s art. She creates a very intense relationship between the image and the viewers, who find themselves accomplices in overcoming the uncertainty inherent to the drawings. The artworks can be explored through the body’s perception of space. Due to their sheer size alone Steiner’s works on paper directly address physical feelings, making us aware of them and linking them to sight and movement. In addition, her installations examine the theme of sensing space, adding the dimension of time to a relationship of space to our bodies and lives.

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