Juan Gugger

Juan Gugger (1986) is a conceptual artist living and working in Paris. He works generating site-specific situations, sculpture, writing, drawing, photography and video.

All images Courtesy by the artist

Gugger’s work explores the subconscious domain of habits and assumptions that he considers are powerful invisible forces shaping the world. Much of his work analyzes these unconscious aspects in architecture, globalization, technology, and their relationships with the natural world. He is interested in architecture and commerce for distinguishing how a kind of passive violence can be traced through its languages, as material sensors of an evolving integrated limit condition of conflict and social life.
His theoretical approach comes from his concerns with the syntaxis in anthropic structures and the constant human drive to reshape territory, whether it is voluntary or not. Through writing, video, and spatial interventions, Gugger reads the protocols of infrastructures, which he considers “the foundations of the great performance that social life is” and uses them as material.

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