Joshua Citarella

Citarella is a hyper-proficient artist of today who works with both materials and software. His work positions photography at the nexus of an interdisciplinary practice, relegating all mediums to source material for digital image capture.

All images Courtesy by the artist

The contemporary means of image production unprecedentedly lend themselves to the transmutation of signs. RGB pixels are implicated as new prima materia delivering objects from the dim confines of materiality into omnipresent electronic radiance. A global network of images has transfigured all bodies and materials into exchanges of energy. The world is now transcribed through photography in order to be reconfigured with graphics-editing software and transformed into its ideal state. While this universal translation space now allows for an alchemical magnum opus, it has consequently democratized all materials transmuting lead into gold and vice versa. We lose sight of the interface and are carried away in the fervor of a transcendent promise fulfilled.

These pictures are exercises in photographing the future.They tell narratives of imminently unfolding dystopias. A micro-apartment renter stockpiles dried goods while high rise dwellers Uber-chopper from superstar architect buildings across the skyline of a flooded city. An isolationist state atop a man-made island imports all its goods as residents are luxuriously waited on by automated robot servants. Anti-tech radicals flee modern life to restart society in the hills of the pacific northwest.

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