Jean-François Flamey

Jean-François Flamey (b. 1972) is a Belgian photographer and member of the collective Aspëkt.

Photography Jean-François Flamey

Jean-François Flamey about the series Mont Ventoux: “I start from the premise that if my eyes are not troubled, eyes of the beholder cannot be troubled. To do this, darkness, fog and night plunge me into favorable contexts in relation to my desire to create images. These few pictures below show what I am looking for.”

“It was in the summer 2016 in the middle of the day. The sun shone in the valley, but an incredible storm was raging on Mont Ventoux (Vaucluse, France). It happens from time to time over there. It is 30 degrees below and less than 10 degrees at the top of the mount, under thunder and lightning. Amazing and scary. But still, cyclists continue to climb to the top…”

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